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Casas-Delucchi bioRxiv 2021

Replication-induced DNA secondary structures drive fork uncoupling and breakage

Sophie L. Williams, Corella S. Casas-Delucchi, Federica Raguseo, Dilek Guneri, Masashi Minamino, Emma E. Fletcher, Joseph T. P. Yeeles, Zoë A. E. Waller, Marco Di Antonio, Gideon Coster
EMBO J 2023
Publisher | PubMed | PubMed Central
Casas-Delucchi bioRxiv 2021

The Mechanism of Replication Stalling and Recovery within Repetitive DNA

Corella S Casas-Delucchi*, Manuel Daza-Martin*, Sophie L Williams and Gideon Coster (*Equal contribution)
Nature Communications 2022
Publisher | PubMed | PubMed Central
Rausch NAR 2021

Cytosine base modifications regulate DNA duplex stability and metabolism

Cathia Rausch, Peng Zhang, Corella S Casas-Delucchi, Julia L Daiß, Christoph Engel, Gideon Coster, Florian D Hastert, Patrick Weber and M Cristina Cardoso
Nucleic Acids Research 2021
Publisher | PubMed

Bidirectional eukaryotic DNA replication is established by quasi-symmetrical helicase loading

Gideon Coster, John FX Diffley
Science 2017
Publisher  |  PubMed  |  PubMed Central
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Origin licensing requires ATP binding and hydrolysis by the MCM replicative helicase

Gideon Coster, Jordi Frigola, Fabienne Beuron, Edward P Morris, John FX Diffley
Molecular Cell 2014
Publisher  |  PubMed  |  PubMed Central

 A dual interaction between the DNA damage response protein MDC1 and the RAG1 subunit of the V(D)J recombinase

Gideon Coster, Ayala Gold, Darlene Chen, David G Schatz, Michal Goldberg
Journal of Biological Chemistry 2012
Publisher  |  PubMed  |  PubMed Central

 The cellular response to DNA damage: a focus on MDC1 and its interacting proteins [review]

Gideon Coster, Michal Goldberg
Nucleus 2010
Publisher  |  PubMed  |  PubMed Central

 The DNA damage response mediator MDC1 directly interacts with the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome

Gideon Coster, Zvi Hayouka, Liron Argaman, Carmit Strauss, Assaf Friedler, Michael Brandeis, Michal Goldberg
Journal of Biological Chemistry 2007
Publisher  |  PubMed